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There are several ways you can start a service that has its StartType process set to Manual — from Server Explorer, from the Windows.The service can also report the state of a pending command: ContinuePending, PausePending, StartPending, or StopPending.Each of these actions can call an associated procedure in the service ( OnStop, OnPause, or OnContinue ), in which you can define additional processing to be performed when the service changes state.

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A running service can exist in this state indefinitely until it is either stopped or paused or until the computer shuts down.These services can be automatically started when the computer boots, can be paused and restarted, and do not show any user interface.Step You can see the status of each program in the Status column.

If your Windows service must interact with other stations, you will need to access the unmanaged Windows API.To start a service or driver service, the service control program uses the StartService function.

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Start the System. please either look it up on or contact the Help Desk.

The interaction of the Windows service with the user or other stations must be carefully designed to include scenarios such as there being no logged on user, or the user having an unexpected set of desktop objects.This issue may occur if the remote procedure call (RPC) service is not started because of a logon failure with that service or a dependency service.

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Note that some installers set the programs to start with Windows without asking your permission.

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Projects containing Windows services must have installation components for the project and its services.Services that are the only service in a process are assigned the type Win32OwnProcess.Microsoft continues to bundle the venerable System Configuration utility (Msconfig.exe) with all current versions of Windows, and that includes Windows Server 2003.

Startup options designate certain file locations needed during startup, and specify some server wide conditions.These features make services ideal for use on a server or whenever you need long-running functionality that does not interfere with other users who are working on the same computer.Microsoft Windows services, formerly known as NT services, enable you to create long-running executable applications that run in their own Windows sessions. These.Windows will now perform various tasks and then start the Winlogon process.You can pause, stop, or resume a service from the Services Control Manager, from Server Explorer, or by calling methods in code.

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In safe mode, Windows uses default settings (VGA monitor, Microsoft mouse driver, no.Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.

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I was searching for ways to change the start-up type of a Windows service and I found 2 ways to do this.Use this service Manager provide by windows and make Sure that we are running Required application and it service.

In this tutorial we will look at how to go about starting and stopping Services in Windows 7.

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Services are a computer program or process that runs in the background and provides support to other programs in Windows 7.If your computer will not start, you might be able to start it in safe mode.

You can prevent these programs from starting with the operating system from the Startup tab of the Task Manager dialog in Windows 8.1, or of the System Configuration dialog in Windows 7.Run 24x7 as a Windows Service and avoid downtime when sharing your media.