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The biggest problem is the fact that the VPN suddenly stopped working one day last year and I have.

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In Windows 10 (an upgrade from Windows 8.1), old VPN PPTP connections were not correctly migrated. Windows 10 VPN client is not working. up vote 13 down vote.I have been using Vuze with ipvanish for several years, now suddenly, I am not able to download on vuze when the VPN is active, with the same settings as before.

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Discussions focused on topics covered in other subreddits may be removed (see Related Links below).YIFY encodes are terrible and should never be viewed so stop posting about them.How to Bypass the Netflix Block. These included virtually every data center too so all the VPN suddenly stopped working almost overnight.

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GreenVPN, a Popular China VPN Provider, Was Forced to Shut Down.I may be paranoid but I like the peace of mind I get knowing that pia stops working so does my Internet.

I connected without any issues and the Remote Desktop client stopped crashing.

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You might suspect the GFW has started blocking your VPN connections, which might be the case.Hi I am an end user of the F5 firepass VPN solution to enable me to.I have been using a vpn connection to my workplace for over a year now on XP Pro.Our VPN connection has suddenly stopped allowing a user to connect.

If your router is in good quality, another thing you might want to check is its configuration.

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When you use VPN in China, you might experience the following problem: The VPN works fine for a number of days, and then suddenly it becomes very unreliable and even stops working.VPN was working fine fr many months, then last week just suddenly stopped working.Hello, we bought a brand new SSG5 since we wanted to get a rid of our software w2k12 vpn to connect to Azure.You might be aware about Hotspot shield as you have landed on this article to fix hotspot shield not working problem.

My usb gamepad stopped working suddenly and never work again in this computer I tried the gamepad in other computers and it works good, but not in this computer, I.Cannot connect to my VPN service. My VPN suddenly stopped working again. Finally got the VPN working after finding the answer in the following link.

All of a sudden, yesterday morning, our VPN that has been up for ages just suddenly stopped working. So I had.

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Yes you can use vpncfg to remove and reinstall the VPN setup I think I may have to reinstall the BM3.6 sp1a patch again, although this is just a guess at this time.Could not hurt to a uninstall and reinstall of the VMware Software.All of this torrent enforcement nonsense is pretty strictly done by IP.

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This morning SRX (B) on our remote site went awry and had to be force shutdown (10.

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It was working fine for 4 months or so and suddenly now the connection drops after the password verification goes through.