My ip location is wrong

It is a fault of Facebook that it cannot detect locations correctly from ip, even my account displays my location wrong, my original location is 20000 KM away from.For their part, they basically just create a CNAME record and let you take care of the rest.

This is due to your cell carrier assigning random IP addresses to the phones connected on its network.

Can my ip address be hacked? Rerouted perhaps? Help please

If any idiot with FrontPage can make money, imagine what will happen when you get someone competent.The WHOIS information for my IP correctly indicates a location of Durango, CO.There are a few providers of such databases and they constantly need to update their databases to fix issues as the one reported by you.Even Google still has it wrong on some maps, but not others (and I filed the bug months ago, but no fix).

Why does my IP location show me in the wrong place

Find a geolocation of an IP address including. region and country.My location is always at least a 100 miles off. all account info is.

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Denying some customers use of our site would have been costly.

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Please read up on Wikipedia for example on IP addresses to take your concerns away for example.The strange thing is that many, many web sites think I am in Quebec, Canada when I use the service.Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more.

And while clearing the cookies client-side is lame, it does fix such problems.Well, if you are using geo-Ip to prevent usage from countries of high fraud rates, then it can make a lot of sense.Also, if my ip address has been pirated, what can I do legally.

SOLVED: Wrong ip address - Fixya

Then they would have told them for the thousands of other subscribers.Welcome to another series of problems created by software developers who made bad assumptions.My IP address is and none of the geo-location companies can find me.

After all, its pretty worthless to be dumping a French ad to an American, and as a result a waste (however small) of the money the advertiser spent getting the ad to you in the first place.Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead.I believe this is the address of someone named Ira or Tamara Shaw.This thread was archived. Maybe my ip address changes due to traffic or whatever.Besides, that has nothing to do with the problem here, which happens when the web site looks up the IP address in a locator service, and gets wrong information back.LastPass uses IP address to help you see a history of where your account has been.Wow, the US popped up to 3 billion population while I was asleep.

Ping at wrong address. If you ping the public dns-name and are redirected to the private ip-address, then your private IP-address is resolved by your.Skype is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, but can occasionally be abused to send spam or unwanted messages other users.

Whats wrong with my ip address and how do i fix it

Sometimes it may be useful, such as when Google serving you localised adverts, however when they get it wrong it can becomes a great pain in the arse.They used to provide weekly data updates, so I imagine it is equivalent or more frequent now.I would go to the Start Orb, and in the run box, type cmd, and you should get a black screen with a white.

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Windows gets my location wrong. and whois shows my IP as situated in.

My router is using the wrong Ipv4 address - [Solved

Welcome to Your IP address is something you probably rarely think about,.