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There are at least 2 questions here: Local DNS config, public DNS servers.

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You can configure the IP address of DNS to provide clients who request IP address from DHCP server.

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DNS server not responding error.You might have encountered the error atleast once if you have computer and net connection.Fix this error by following the steps.When you want a good reliable and easy-to-configure LAN name server, try Dnsmasq.

Simple DNS Plus has an HTTP API and several other options for easy.Looking for easiest, most simple solution to run a customised DNS Server for my local network on Windows 7.If your router allows it, add both the router and one of the fast external DNS servers to the list of DNS servers that it hands to DHCP client (but pick a different one from the one that you entered for the router DNS server addresses).Domain Name Service (DNS) is an Internet service that maps IP addresses and fully qualified domain names (FQDN) to one another.

Browse other questions tagged dns home-networking or ask your own question.After running this program, try putting a copy of the fastest servers into the DNS setting on your router and then renew your DHCP session and running the test again.

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If you are running your own DNS server, you need a box that will be on all the time, as all DNS queries on your home network will go through it.Be careful that OpenDNS name servers are liars: they rewrite DNS responses, to direct you to an ad service or to censor some destinations.

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By default, the modem router functions as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, allowing it to assign IP, DNS server, and default gateway addresses to.Finding what the source of a specific PostgreSQL configuration setting.

Your DHCP server must be configured to hand out your router IP as the gateway address, and your DNS server IP as the DNS server address, obviously.Read this excellent 2015 article about how to change your DNS server and what you need to know about DNS services.

Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users.Are you tired of using 192.168.0.x to refer to the computers within your LAN.In my environment we have 2008 R2 Domain Controllers with DNS installed.A DNS Server is a computer that completes the process of name resolution in DNS.

Hi, When I diagnose my Local Area Network connection at my university apartment, the troubleshooter says the DNS server is not responding, although it is correctly.If you want INcomming connections from internet to local machines you need a router that also supports DynDNS and Incomming PortForwarding.Hi. If you have a single dhcp server and you want to serve two different group of clients and giving them two separated DNS server you can create two different Vlan.

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Use the DNS LAN screen to configure the DNS server information that the ZyWALL sends to the DHCP client devices on the LAN.

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LAN IP address displays in the field to the right (read-only).

To specify DNS server address settings, do one of the following.When a computer on the LAN sends a DNS query to the ZyWALL, the ZyWALL.

Unanswered Question. Share. Try taking the.200 and.201 domain name-server and dns forwarder lines off the default dns.

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Are you running into DNS errors when you try to load a website or connect to your network.Unbound is pretty easy, supports bind style config files and fairly reliable.

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User-Defined, and enter the same IP address, the second User-Defined.