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You can see that this command gives good information on the interrupts, or PCI bus ID, used by each card.The PPPOE configuration will create a software-based virtual interface named ppp0 that will use the physical Internet interface eth0 for connectivity.If one of the routers has an incorrect routing table entry for the remote network, then there is the risk that traffic to the remote server will occasionally get lost.

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Interface wlan0 has an IP address of and a subnet mask of

Verify that no other IP aliases with the same name exists with the name you plan to use.

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Your server will typically check this file before referencing DNS.Most Linux vendors will have a list of compatible hardware on their Web sites: read this carefully before you start hooking up you machine to the network.

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You can also add aliases to the end of the line which enable you to refer to the server using other names.The Linux box used in this example uses interface wlan0 for its Internet connectivity.Note: This example recommends using the adsl-status command with the name of the PPPoE interface configuration file.

Interface wlan0:0 is actually a child interface wlan0, a virtual subinterface also known as an IP alias.

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For example, on booting the script could prompt you as to whether your laptop Linux system is at home or work with the mapping statement using the answer to configure the appropriate IP address.

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In this example, eth0 has no IP address because this box is using wireless interface wlan0 as its main NIC.After completing these four simple steps you should be able to ping the new IP alias from other servers on your network.Good systems administrators know the tools needed to be able to identify the probable causes of these types of problem which enables them to know the type of help they need to fix it.In the next example we check the routing table to see no routes to the network and execute the ifup-routes command, which then adds the route.In this example, there are multiple gateways handling traffic destined for different networks on different interfaces.

Take a look at two network startup services: the venerable network startup, and the controversial NetworkManager, and learn the basics of Linux networking.A no-nonsense guide to Linux networking, Understanding Linux Network Internals offers a clear view of the underlying concepts and teaches you to follow the C code.IP aliasing is one of the most common ways of creating multiple IP addresses associated with a single NIC.

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One of the original Linux tools for setting the speed and duplex of your NIC card was the mii-tool command.This is done using the DNS1 and DNS2 directives in your interface configuration file to define the desired DNS servers as seen next where and are the designated DNS servers.Web site shopping cart applications frequently need an additional IP address dedicated to them.

Here is an example using the ping command to see whether smallfry is alive and well on the network.

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The next two chapters show you how to confidently test your network and Linux server applications confidently when things appear to go wrong.By default the much simpler hotplug system is used which assumes that the interfaces will have only one purpose.This is done by exchanging electronic signals called Fast Link Pulses (FLP).

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This can cause confusion, as the other server also feels it is localhost.localdomain.

Now that you have a firm grasp of many of the most commonly used networking concepts, it is time to apply them to the configuration of your server.This stanza maps configuration parameters for an interface depending on the output of a script.Your DHCP server not only supplies the IP address your Linux box should use, but also the desired DNS servers.If you are using a DSL connection with a DHCP or dynamic IP address assignment, then the process is different.

The skills you develop to identify and rectify these issues could prove to be invaluable to your company and career.

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Your server will have to have a default gateway for it to be able to communicate with the Internet.As you can see eth0 will be activated on booting, because the parameter ONBOOT has the value yes and not no.If the same server needs to send a packet to another device on a remote network the process is different.You can change temporarily change your default gateway till the next reboot using a simple command.Some routers can be configured to answer these types of ARP requests for remote networks.

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If you wanted, you could give this eth0 interface an IP address using the ifconfig command.In the example below we can see that there are no conflicts with each IRQ from 0 to 15 having only a single entry.If one of the default gateways has no route to the intended destination, every other packet will become lost.

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You can place your IP address information in these files, which are then used to auto-configure your NICs when Linux boots.By default, Linux NICs negotiate their speed and duplex settings with the switch.

Last but not least, you might just want to play around with the server to test your skills.Before starting your Linux Virtual Box, configure your second adapter.If a server needs to send a packet to another device on the same network, it sends out an ARP request to the network asking for the MAC address of the other device.

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You can test the application of these parameters by shutting down the interface and activating it again with the ifup and ifdown commands.One of the most common problems occurs if two routers are on the network configured for proxy ARP.If there is no suitable router on its network, the server will then send out an ARP request for the MAC address of the remote server.