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Apple is really good at just putting stuff out there and not telling anyone about it.Assuming you want to setup a manageable group of iPads for classroom use (from 10 to 150 iPads), your.Meraki Systems Manager provides administrators the ability to mass enroll and supervise devices using Apple Configurator, a Mac application.Prior to March 2012 configuring iOS devices required either a Lion (OS X 10.7) Server with Profile Manager Services enabled and configured or the iPCU (iPhone Configuration Utility) from a Snow Leopard DVD or the Apple Developer website.A configuration profile is an XML file that allows you to distribute configuration information to iOS-based devices.

Join Laurie Burruss for an in-depth discussion in this video, Setting up the master sync with Apple Configurator, part of iPad Classroom: The Basics.Has anyone had any success using Apple configuration profiles to set.

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Last but not least, there are options for applying custom text, lock pictures, background pictures, wallpapers, importation of documents (i.e. if you want to pre-load an iOS device with manuals, sales materials, etc.).Managing Mulitple iPads. This tutorial explains how to use Apple Configurator to setup iOS devces to be.Apple Configurator (Using Apple Configurator is left out in this tutorial ).

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In order to use paid apps on school-owned devices, the apps must be deployed using Apple Configurator.

We believe Apple Care is something that every Mac owner should have,.Please recommend an easy to follow tutorial for the Apple Configurator.Blueprints allow you setup a template of settings, options, apps, and restore data, and then apply those.

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Apple recently released a tool to help configure and maintain IOS devices such as iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches.

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There are several third party MDM (Mobile Device Management) applications available for sale but again that is a cost that many organizations cannot budget for in these trying economic times.

Tutorial by gstefanick The question has been asked many times how to configure an Apple TV with EAP-PEAP on the Aruba forums and.A collection of Automator actions for the Apple Configurator 2 application.

I am using it to configure iPad Airs and have a question about installing apps. 1. Can you use more than one.

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Apple Configurator 2 makes it easy to deploy iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices in your school or business.

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Empowering them to configure, manage, wipe, upgrade and decommission iOS devices in their organization.Brian Cass Brian Funk Brian Hogue Brian James Mitchell Bruce Nazarian Chris Butcher Chris Potter Colin Melia Dan Moughamian Daniel Wyatt Danny Kirsch Danny Lewis Danny Piccione Darren Burgos David Andris David Crane David Dvorin David Earl David Isaac Diego Stocco DJ Kiva Donna Baker Dr.

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Hi, I work in schools and have been learning Apple Configurator 2, I have made some video tutorials to help other people out, as when I first tried to make sense of.Saeks has prepared a couple of online tutorials for Configurator,.When FileVault is turned on, your Mac always requires that you. you can choose to store a FileVault recovery key with Apple by providing the questions.Subscribed Calendars - Used for providing access to centralized corporate, holiday or other non-user specific calendars.This allows you to keep devices with different profile options separate but easily identified in a graphical interface.Discover the new concept of Blueprints and working with MDM and DEP. For.Learn the basic concepts behind Apple Configurator and the types of devices it supports.