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Many news servers, including Astraweb provides Usenet access on alternate ports that are set aside for different protocols like telnet, mail, web, or proxies.The post will remain in the download list until you remove it manually.Running Newsbin with UsenetServer will allow you to take full advantage of your Internet connection for the fastest Usenet speeds possible.

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Some users like to put this in the same location as the DATA path but this is not a requirement.Some functions that have either been needed for troubleshooting, or have been requested by users have been implemented through configuration file settings.Min Size This allows you to set the minumum size post that you are interested in seeing.

Astraweb supports ports 23 and 8080 in addition to the standard port 119 for example.A question that users regularly ask if what Newsbin related files should be backed up in case a disk crashes, or perhaps if you want to move Newsbin to another machine keeping your settings intact.

The Compact view option attempts to take this a stage further by consolidating all the files that make up a file set into a single line in the Post list.Search. Running Newsbin with UsenetServer will allow you to take full advantage of your Internet connection for the fastest Usenet speeds possible.Maximize use of free servers and use pay servers only if needed.If you want to delete a filter then highlight it in the list at the left and press the DEL key.

If you were using the default location for the Newsbin DATA folder area on XP (under the Documents and Settings) area, then you will find that this area has silently been set as Read-Only during the upgrade.

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The default values built into Newsbin are equivalent to the following values.Hide Old This is the key setting to use if you are primarily interested in seeing only those posts that are new.One thing that is not copied is the column widths in the various tabs.

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Check the Date and Time on your PC - if it is wrong it can also cause unexpected purging of headers.You will find yourself using this type of filter all the time.This is a form of the Watch Filter type of use mentioned above.

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This way you have the option to wait for more parts to show up on the server.Many users have indicated that they would like to be able to set a much larger trigger value than that built into Newsbin.Find This allows you to filter post according to keywords in the Subject line.Newsbin will therefore start to misbehave until you move the DATA folder to somewhere where write access is allowed.

Restart Newsbin: You should now be running using your new Newsbin installation with all files and settings as required.The way to achieve this is to launch Newsbin by double-clicking the.NBI configuration file that you copied earlier.

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NewsBin Pro 6.72 Crack is an advanced tool to download and decode binary newsgroup files automatically.You cannot edit an entry - instead you have to remove the entry and then re-add it in its corrected form.

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A copy of the Newsbin software so that you can re-install it if necessary.A number of people have mentioned that they find they click on the Pause or Bandwidth Limit buttons and forget that they have done so.For example, to set the MPA to 200, your NBI file should have something like this in it.The first set are on the right-click menu in the Download list.Once a filter has been created then highlighting it from the list at the left will display its details and allow them to be edited.In most cases the default values built into newsbin will be fine, but users with specific requirements may wish to set their own values.

You may have to configure your firewall to allow access on this port depending on the type of firewall you have.This will include the files described under the section above on backing up Newsbin.

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If you enter multiple criteria on different lines then there is an implicit OR between them so that matching any of the criteria will result in a match.This will then ask you which filter should be used as a model, and the name of the new filter.

Pad Missing Parts When an incomplete file is assembled, using this option leaves gaps in the file where the missing part would fill in.This is most effective if you choose a high quality, long retention server to serve as backup if your primary server (like the one from your ISP) is missing some critical posts.

Files that are of particular interest (they may not all always be present) are.NewsBin will try every other non-fill server in your server list and, when all else fails, will use a Fill server.This is precisely the behavior that is normally wanted as it means housekeeping of headers is completely automatic and kept in line with your servers.Newsbin will not normally auto-assemble incomplete items that have very recently been posted to Usenet.As an example a value of 1024 for xxx would set a limit of 1Gb.Newsbin is a multithreaded news robot that automatically downloads and decodes binary posts to usenet newsgroups.This can result in Newsbin believing that many of the headers have been purged from the server so it purges the local copies as well.

If they were assembled immediately, the file set would never complete.When you complete your server settings, hit the OK button then look in the Connections tab to make sure the server successfully connects.Once SSL is enabled, every connection to this server will be encrypted with the same technology used to provide security for websites.

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By default, the NewsBin Configuration file is in c:\documents and settings\ \application data\newsbin unless you saved it somewhere else or you are running Vista.