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You can turn on the portable WiFi hotspot feature on your Android smartphone and share your internet connection or cellular data.While on business trips or attending conferences, there may not always be multiple Internet connections available for all participants to take advantage of.I noticed some things in my answer that are misunderstandable (and some as you noticed, wrong).

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The probably easiest and most common way is using two physical network interfaces.

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Turn your laptop into a wireless hotspot with this free tool for Windows that lets the computer share its internet with phones and other devices.If you want to share your internet connection with your mobile devices, you can turn your computer into a wireless router.

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WiFi Sharing Manager is a great tool that allows you to share your WiFi Internet connection with other PCs not connected to the network and not equipped.

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A Windows computer equipped with an ethernet and wireless adapter is capable of becoming a virtual access point to share the Internet connection.This was added as another answer because the other answer created so much controversy.I want to share the wireless Internet connection on my desktop with my old laptop, through ethernet.This is a great answer, but I am having trouble getting it to work.Once I noticed that Ubuntu Linux is capable of managing two wifi devices at once without being complicated.It turns your laptop into a Wireless Access Point(WAP), without any third hardwares.WiFi Sharing Manager latest version: Allows you to easily share your WiFi with a second computer.

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If the output is null or if the string cfg80211 is not in the output, it makes no sense to continue and you should pay attention at second and third point from this answer.Your iPhone, PDA or other Wi-Fi devices can enjoy the wireless network created by Virtual AP.

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It keeps giving me Sending discover. and new0: CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-STARTED even though everything else went well.

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I have never heard of a software technology that avoids that.I know how to create a hotspot when connected to a wired network, but when I am using internet from a WiFi connection, this disconnects the wireless connection the.

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Now check the network section where wi-fi will be connected to the created hotspot automatically.

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The easiest way to share a WI-FI connection is to have a network adapter for every singe computer you want to share the network with.

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Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers.It is not an hardware limitation for the adapters that can do it with other operating systems.This will work in locations which offer Internet access connections through an Ethernet connection.

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About - Contact Us - Privacy - Submit - Link to Us Your are here: Microsoft Windows software download, best windows software, network software tools, virtual access point windows 10 for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 7 xp vista.I did not test this in ways of sharing the internet connection etc, but it should be possible.This wireless device must to use an Atheros driver that is already build with nl80211 support.Note: To start again your network-manager service as it was before to run the script, restart your computer ( sudo reboot ).Wireless Networking Software for Windows. 18508 Filter. Turn your computer into a WiFi hot spot, show connected devices, and share your Internet connection.There are times when we want to share a wired internet connection to others through our Windows PC and this is when we need a capable WiFi hotspot software.Currently this is just a link-only answer which is frowned upon.

Start the wireless hotspot being connected to a wireless network from the same wireless adapter.

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Nowadays, most of the Android mobile phones are equipped with Wi-Fi connection and are able to connect to infrastructure network to use internet connections.