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If you want to adjust how an item is displayed you tap the three dots.Being able to wake Google Now from anywhere can be very convenient.

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Say OK Google with this page open and Google will start listening for your.

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Are you OK. said to Business Insider. Motorola's Moto X smartphone also allows you to access Google Now by simply saying a...

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Devices like the Nexus 6 can listen for the Google Now even when the device is off the charger thanks to the low-power natural language processor.You can customize your smartphone in all sorts of fun and. Okay, good.

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Once it gives me the result, I can then say Okay google again,.

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Re: got ok google now listening owrking on my nexus 7 like

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Kids have an uncanny ability to appear to be listening to you while they are actually not paying attention.

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Get step-by-step driving directions, customize your route, add multiple stops to your trip, and switch to transit, walking, or biking directions.Hence, should you wish. you find the always listening Ok Google.

On most devices you can also set Google Now to listen while your phone is locked and charging.

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Okay, Google, you officially beat Siri. And I was able to let Google listen to a few seconds of the program to present me more information.

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Cortana Is Listening. Google collects information on what you search and what. while I would be okay with Microsoft gathering data from me using.If you want always listening without power attached then get a Moto x.

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Listening. 01-voice-search-01-okay-google 10:48. 01-voice-search-01-okay-google 10:48. Google app help you.

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There are dozens and dozens of complaints from searchers in the Google Web Search Forums that the OKAY Google detection feature has stopped working.Subscribe for on-demand access to 40 million songs and offline listening.