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At least the republicans are a bit more honest when they state that they are preparing to fuck you.Earlier this week in a speech at Freedom Works (a conservative think tank) Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman, made his intentions clear in regards to Net Neutrality in the US.

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All they need to be is part of a party where they are guaranteed a large number of votes through party sycophancy and the rest is just lying and cheating their way to the remaining votes necessary to win.Net Neutrality implies the regulator is defining the rules,Open Internet implies the comsumer.

On Tuesday, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Representative Doris Matsui of California announced that.The Democrats are still in bed with big business but hey have fooled their followers into believing otherwise.

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The danger is that a most Americans have only one option for broadband, meaning users in Kansas, who can virtually only choose Cox Communications, or users in Georgia who can only use Comcast having their Internet throttled or denied completely when trying to access certain content or websites.VPN SETUP Virtual Private Network set easiest reliable private fastest security internet security internet freedom net neutrality number one install.What does it say about you to say that we need regulation to save us from monopolies when almost 75% of the fucking market is still a damn monopoly BLESSED by the fucking FCC, the same agency you propose to give MORE power to.One Sanctimonious little snot calling another Sanctimonious little snot out.Remember that one cannot go about calling someone else closed mined without first being closed to their way of thinking.While using a telephone line, you can dial your preferred number and connect to it right away.Re: Yes, you are correct in that everyone is an idiot except you.More smoke and mirrors about how your cavalcade of berating insults, which repeat the fact that humans are infallible (and the ones in politics, even more so) have somehow magically also contained the solution.

Bypassing the Unthinkable: Net Neutrality and Traffic Throttling.Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hello chip, if you are still coherent enough to post, you obviously have not had your fill of paint chips today.In 2014, they entered into an agreement with Comcast to improve connection speeds after they noticed a 25% percent degrees from the previous year.Calling your Congressional representative will also help to ensure the Internet stays neutral.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: You do realize that it also applies to you correct.Possibly it refers to those who refuse to pay a living wage and therefore rely upon the tax payers to ensure low wage employees are available for hire in the area.The problem is that the term regulation has now been bastardized into serving a meaning it no longer serves.

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One of the great inventions of the 20th century was, without.Re: Re: Re: If you can find me a human being that is not corrupt and will run for office and remain in that position for the rest of their life and be immune from big business waving their money in their face then. yea. I will happily change my mind and give THAT guy Czar power.On April 3rd, 2017, President Donald Trump initiated a repeal of the broadband privacy rules that were a cornerstone of net neutrality.

Other examples of breeches of net neutrality include Comcast throttling uploads for peer-to-peer file sharing (e.g. BitTorrent) in 2007, and virtual private networks (VPN) being unfairly targeted by both Cox Cable and Comcast.

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Microsoft Unveils Plan To Deliver Broadband To 2 Million, NAB Immediately Craps All Over The Announcement.The second problem is the idea that adding more regulations to only be enforced by those same corrupt ass politicians that caused this problem by not enforcing the first ones to begin with is an exceptionally short sighted solution.Subsequently, they saw they a 66% increase in connections speeds.Businesses would only give us a plate of shit for lunch if they could get away with it.Any legal solution that removes the responsibility of the standing public to make smart decisions in the economy will only result it us getting fucked.If the Internet loses its neutrality we could see people in California lose the ability to view content from right wing political sources, or those in Georgia from seeing left wing sources.Most recently in 2014 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the independent agency tasked with regulating interstate communications on the radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable drafted a new provision that would end the war once and forever.

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Navigating the FCC website to do that can be a little tedious, so John Oliver from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver simplified the process by buying the comical URL GoFCCYourself.com All you have to do is click express on the right side and leave your comment.

The ones who pay massive amounts of money for the bandwidth to supply content to people who have also paid for their bandwidth usage.

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A free and open internet, also called net neutrality, means the equal treatment of all content online without interference from ISPs.It is about not letting the FCC lock you into a single ISP that can rip you off with the blessings of the State.Download VPNs to preserve Net Neutrality as the FCC works on ways to make restrictive content practices illegal.