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Heou ve got the most annoying British actor of the decade, Gervais on here but no League of Gentlemen.Some of the stunts and situations by the characters on that show had me busting a gut everytime I watched it, especially if it involved Compo (played by the late Bill Owen).The easy-to-use menu makes the app ideal for a party quiz, or.I know im a little late but tell me how Coupling missed a mention there its by far the best ever ive seen from the Britz.List of comedy television series A list of comedy television series by.The anger at the behaviour of the financial establishment that surges in US and UK.

From the heyday of Ealing Studios to the mercurial mischief of Monty Python, from the smirksome smut of the Carry On series to er, Cannon and Ball in The Boys in Blue.List of the highest-rated comedy television series by IMDb users.What starts as a complaint letter to a vending machine company turns into a series of letters revealing startling.

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Of course, if you live in the UK (and pay the licence fee) you can watch BBC iPlayer for free.The British may be known for their stiff upper lip and lack of emotion, but when it comes to comedy they know how to deliver a laugh a minute.Go sell some pegs, Dave, because if you think Ricky Gervais is funnier than the Gents, you are in serious trouble.

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This practice increases credibility and trustworthiness of articles and documents.It captures Glasgow life perfectly and is absolutely wonderful.Oh, i really believed till now that The IT Crowd was a BBC show.The Internet is becoming an increasingly important source for content of all media.

Synopsis: An investigator and a special prosecutor investigate a series of racially charged shootings in a Tennessee town.Emmys: How the Election Helped Get the Talk Show Nominees (Mostly) Right.In a lesson in how not to spin-off a localised version of a classic, Universal produced a US version of the show in the early 90s with disastrous consequences.

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Lists of current TV series and award winners to help you figure out what to watch now.

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I do hope you realize my tone was meant to be tongue in cheek.

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He just has to exercise his own judgement and narrow it down to a small list.Absolutely Fabulous is one of those shows that drives me to drink.

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Craig Charles, a man who became synonymous with battling robots, Coronation Street and class A drug use enjoyed his first real success as a comedy actor with Red Dwarf, a 1988 BBC sci-fi.If by Comedy you mean something that makes you laugh out load and try to remember it so you can tell your friends, something that you can watch clips over and over on YouTube and find it hilarious each time then I strongly recommend QI or Quite Interesting with Stephen Fry.BBC CANADA features a broad range of programming including cheeky comedies, critically acclaimed dramas and entertaining life and style series that are both.Series 6 - BBC Comedy Greats - Duration: 3 minutes, 12 seconds.

Rising Damp, The Young Ones, Are you Being served and a more recent offering The It Crowd.

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The comedies were side splitting funny and there was just so much talent in England.

It may comes as a surprise that Fawlty Towers, being one of the most celebrated sitcoms the BBC has ever produced, only ever enjoyed two series of six episodes each.The cast is strong: Thomas Haden Church plays her ex-husband, Molly Shannon her best friend, and Talia Balsam, Robert Forster, Tracy Letts and Jemaine Clement all have roles.

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How late-night comedy went from political to politicized. The 10 best TV shows in the UK this week The best TV shows this week: the return of Master of None.