How do i clear my searches

When you are ready to clear your. down box when typing in search keywords on your favorite search engine.

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Delete your Facebook search history. Q. Does Facebook keep track of my searches like Google does.

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You can clear search history in file explorer to camouflage yourself too.Unless you select options to prevent your computer from storing.

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How do you clear out your recent search history and recently.

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Over time, the Search bar history in Firefox can grow quite large.

How do I delete my search history in my bing/yahoo maps

Clearing & Turning off Search History in Bing

Until now, your Google Web History (your Google searches and sites visited).Even though search history on search engines like Google is totally private, some people still enjoy the ability to delete it.

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How do I control who can search for me using my email address or phone number.

Google saves all your search history when you are logged in to your google account and this web history can be accessed by you anytime.Or searching for something that you know would get you in trouble if someone.The following steps will delete your viewing and search history on YouTube. You may also wish to delete your YouTube Viewing and Search History,...I use a Samsung 4 and I cannot delete the gmail search history either.

Turn off search tracking and clear your search history to help with privacy protection.

Usually this is used to make things easier for you, such as tracking down a.Learn what information is stored in your Firefox history and how to clear all or part of it if you are using a public or shared computer.

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You can easily delete your entire Facebook search history with just a few clicks, making it easy to do so every time you prepare to log out of your account.Clear the browser history on your Surface tablet and. (you can just search for internet. see post Clear Browser History on Your Surface and video on.

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Learn how to Delete Your Google Search History in internet explorer, firefox, chrome and delete google web history.Learn How to Delete and Disable Search History in Windows 8. I always make sure I keep my browser and search history clean.Learn how to clear your Web browser cache so you can load the latest versions of Web pages and programs. Download Help.

To remove a search: Open your activity log, click More, and then select Search from the left column Click next to the search entry you want to remove Click Delete Was this information helpful.Yes No Related Articles How do I find and use my activity log.The Bing search engine includes a Search History setting that enables you to remove search results individually or clear all of your previous searches.

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Facebook keeps a record of everything you search for on its Web site.